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Are you bored with the look of your library? If it is really time to revamp its aesthetic appeal, you must think about some futuristic shelving solutions. However, as these shelves are supposed to bear heavy loads, sturdiness and heavy weight bearing attributes are mandatory for them.

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Concept / Summary

Chassis Mobile Shelving

The Chassis mobile shelving system is a heavy duty mobile storage solution with an active Load Transfer System which enables each bay to easily accomodate up to 500kg.

Ideal for mixed shelving applications, the Chassis mobile storage system is particularly suited to Pallet Racking, Widespan and Cantilever racking.


Low Impact Track System

The tracks on the chassis mobile storage system can be sunk into screed floors for a low impact plush finish.

The addition of carpets laid up to the track edges reduces the visual impact of the track system even further.

Flexibility as Standard

The Chassis mobile storage system is ideal for applications where a bespoke storage solution is required.

The wide choice of colours and the unlimited range of interior storage options coupled with a high load bearing capacity makes the Chassis mobile storage system incredibly flexible and hard wearing.

Providing the Perfect Solution for you…

The option of bespoke cabinets ensure that whatever your requirement, we will be able to provide you with the perfect solution.

The image shown here is of an airtight cabinet that was required by the Natural History Museum to safely house their expansive entemology archive.

Available as a single or double skinned option – The Choice is Yours…

Double skinned units provide a clean front line, concealed fixings and ease of adjustment to form a premium product. They are ideally suited to the storage of books, valuable documents or files susceptible to damage from protrusions. They provide clear uninterrupted access to the full width of the shelf and form a practical storage solution for all types of installations where aesthetics and performance of stored media is important.

Single skinned units provide for cost competitive systems that utilise the latest manufacturing techniques to provide the perfect blend of strength, versatility as well as a pleasing aesthetic.