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The extensive storage needs of the modern days have combined with lack of space today in order to develop a situation where finding a perfect storage solutions have become intensely complicated.

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HBS hybrid shelving system

Concept / Summary

Maximum Flexibility, Maximised Storage

Moduflex’s Hybrid Shelving System (HBS) is a cost competitive system utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to blend strength, versatility and a pleasing aesthetic.


Form and Function demanded a product which is simple and economical to install, Moduflex HBS is ideal for most commercial and light industrial applications, but it is not limited to these, and as a result it is a popular choice for a wide variety of public organisations including:



  • libraries
  • museums
  • hospitals


The system can expand as your needs grow if space is at a premium and cost is a key consideration.


The Moduflex Hybrid Shelving System always makes sense

We manufacture all standard size bays, but can manufacture bays up to a maximum of 3000mm high on all our products. We can also manufacture any depth and width from 125mm upwards.

Standard Heights


    • 1825 – 2125 – 2425

Standard Widths

    • 600 – 750 – 900 – 1000 – 1100 – 1200 – 1250

Standard Depths


    • 150 – 200 – 250 – 300 – 350 – 400 – 450 – 500 – 600

Designed from the customer perspective, we have included a huge range of features and added accessories:



      • Slotted uprights for easy and quick adjustment of shelves
      • Shelves with safe edges to front and rear flanges
      • Recessed shelf clips ensure concealed fittings for clear access
      • A choice of back cladding or cross brace (open)
      • Shelves adjustable in 25 mm increments, simply clip into place
      • Bay loading (maximum): 500 kg (dependent on specification)
      • Shelves, uniform distributed load (maximum): 80 kg
      • Full range of accessories.




Wire divider

Full height divider

Part height divider

Fixed file rail

Pull out file rail

Tambour door

Plain bay shelving

Al hanging drawing storage