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Gone are those days when people used to pay least attention towards the manufacture of wooden library shelves. Their negligence would eventually result in making them pay recurring charges for frequent damages and distortions and maintenance of these conventional shelves:

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Libris Steel Library Shelving

Concept / Summary

The Libris shelving system is a real wood based shelving system that offers the flexibility of both wooden and metal shelves depending on budget.


Libris Steel Shelving

Where budgets are more restricted, the wooden shelves can be replaced with steel which can result in significant cost savings.


Libris shelving systems are durable, represent great value for money and are ideal for use in areas where image is important.



Versatile and Functional

Sloping Shelves

An excellent option for displaying magazines and promotional materials.


Optional Slatted Panels

An ideal option for displaying leaflets and new titles.


Secure Storage

Lockable doors are the perfect solution for storing bulky or valuable items within a shelving bay.

The Choice is Yours…

Endless End Panel Options

Libris shelving systems offer an almost limitless range of end panel options to ensure that you can achieve the library that is right for you.

Large Format Graphics

With our large format graphics panels it is easy to achieve unique and eye-catching displays either on walls, end panels or co-ordinated across an entire area of your library.


Utilise your own artwork or choose from over 2 million images available.

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