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Mobile Storage Solutions

Do you think that your office or home looks too cumbersome because it does not have any shelves for stacking all the files and papers? However, alike many corporate an domestic clients you may in doubt that a conventional shelving solution will not be appropriate for you because there is space constraint coupled with availability of awkward spaces in your office.

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slide-a-side Mobile Shelving

Concept / Summary

Our slide-a-side mobile shelving system maximises the flexibility of System R mobile shelving and has been designed as the ideal solution for corridors and walkways.

System R slide-a-side mobile shelving enables shelves to be moved from side to side to reveal shelving behind.


Simple Yet Brilliant

Maximise your storage capabilities by using slide-a-side in walkways and corridors.

It’s Your Choice…

Slide-a-side mobile shelving is available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and with the option of lockable tambours, slide-a-side mobile shelving can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Available as a single or double skinned option – The Choice is Yours…

Offering you the flexibility of either single or double skin units.

Double skinned units provide a clean front line, concealed fixings and ease of adjustment to form a premium product. They are ideally suited to the storage of books, valuable documents or files susceptible to damage from protrusions. They provides a clear uninterrupted access to the full width of the shelf and forms a practical storage solution for all types of installations where asthetics and performance of stored media is important.

Sinlge skinned units provide for a cost competitive system that utilises the latest manufacturing techniques to provide the perfect blend of strength, versatility and a pleasing aesthetic.

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