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Technology - General office furniture

    Technology – General office furniture


Innovation at FG technology

FG technology is an innovative provider of intelligent IT and furniture solutions. With significant experience in the education, library and commercial sectors, our technologies improve aesthetics, maximise space and security and reduce energy consumption.

  • Clean, aesthetics lines with no clutter or visible cables
  • Space saving
  • Difficult to damage or steal
  • Fully and easily upgradeable
  • Safe ergonomic
  • Versatile and silent IT

Green Technology

  • UK Government Carbon Reduction Scheme (CRC) calls for 20% energy reduction by 2015
  • FG Technology can deliver up to 2000 Kwh savings per PC per year
  • The UK wastes 1.5 billion Kwh and £180 million a year in energy from idle but unused computers
  • Green – save up to 1 ton of carbon per PC per year

Energy Saving

  • In an air-conditioned office environment lighting accounts for 20-25% of electricity use, IT and small power accounts for 25-40% and heating/air conditioning 40-50%

How It Works

A slim remote control unit set into the desk edge duplicates all required PC controls allowing the computer to be concealed or remotely located up to 20 metres away – saving space at the desk whilst enabling significant reduction in energy consumption.

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