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Storage Wall

Concept / Summary

The Infinitely Flexible Storage Solution

Storage Wall is the infinitely flexible storagewall which can be individually designed to meet your exact requirements.

Storagewall’s structural design allows use as either: standard storage cupboards or, as room dividers complete with pass through doors thus eliminating the cost and loss of space associated with standard walls and partitions.


The Choice is Yours…

Whatever your specification, we can achieve it with a huge variety of finishes, internal storage fittings, waved or even curved doors and our new large format graphics panels.

Options, Options, Options…

Storage Wall offers an almost infinite range of storage options.

The Storage Wall system is capable of meeting the toughest demands imposed by today’s working environments


  • Flexible Design
  • Versatile Materials
  • Durable Fittings and Components
  • Storage Wall allows designers the freedom to create units that reflect the style of the company or environment. The mix of modern manufacturing techniques and new materials enhance the design opportunities such as waves and curved walls.

    Offering Premium Features As Standard

    Storage Wall represents fantastic value for money offering many premium features as standard:

  • Soft seal edging reducing both noise and dust penetration.
  • Adjustable levellers to increase stability, reduce point loads and minimise the transmission of noise.
  • Threaded structural fixings to enable the unit to be dismantled and relocated as many times as you require.
  • 22mm thick panels offering unrivalled strength, stability and durability.
  • 180 degree opening hinges on all doors allowing them to be completely folded back.
  • Secure three point espagnolette locking mechanisms with numbered cores which can be removed and changed.
  • Storage Wall’s versatility provides the freedom to create units which truly reflect the unique image or values of your company.

    Moduflex offers bold colours and modern and traditional wood grains in both melamine and laminate surfaces.

    Natural real wood veneers are also available and with the ability to stain and tint, we ensure that Storage Wall can be tailored to meet our customers exact requirements enabling the unit to blend seamlessly into existing office environments or to create a bold statement.

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