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System R Mobile Shelving

While almost every office, library and home requires a futuristic shelving solution that would make the area clutter free, space constraint is a massive problem in the contemporary times. The space available in homes and offices is too limited for installing a framework for traditional shelves most of the times.

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system R - high density mobile storage solution

Concept / Summary

System R - The Creation of space

System R – The Creation of space

Why choose mobile shelving?

With property costs accounting for an ever increasing proportion of overheads, it has become increasingly important over recent years to optimise the utilisation of office space.

The System R mobile shelving system allows you to either halve the space required for your shelving or double the storage capacity within the same footprint of traditional shelving.


Endless Possibilities

System R mobile shelving can be tailored to your individual requirements to offer perhaps the most cost effective and flexible mobile shelving solution available in the UK.

Safe and Simple to Operate

Push button safety locking handwheel.

Maximum utilisation of space.

Simple to operate modular construction.

Wide range of specifications to accommodate all budgets.

Better by Design

The unique track manufactured from extruded aluminium with a steel running surface allows adjustment from above and ensures an absolute

level on all surfaces.

The System R mobile shelving system also features anti tilt devices and safety lock handles to ensure safe operation at all times complying with all health & safety legislation.

Designed Specifically For You…

Moduflex will tailor its products to cost effectively meet your specific requirements and maximise your available storage area.

All Moduflex’s storage solutions are designed to function perfectly in today’s complex and demanding office environments.

Bespoke Solutions

Moduflex will tailor the System R mobile shelving system to match your individual storage and space requirements to make a bold statement or blend seamlessly into your existing office decor.

the options are endless…

Three Drive Mechanisms

Hand Pull

Up to two bays deep and a total load of no more than 3 tonnes, pull required is approximately 4.5kg per tonnes of load.

Mechanically Assisted Handles

A drive shaft is connected by a chain and sprocket to a manually operated hand wheel. The standard drive gives a mechanical advantage of 4:1.

Electric Motor Drive

Available with a 24vDC motor which can be operated by pressing a key or linked to a computer pc system.

Installed with a Minimum of Disruption

System R mobile shelving is a surface mounted system requiring no additional building works or fixing to the floor.

Installation is noise and dust free and quicker than most other systems, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Versatile Through Design

The System R Mobile shelving System isideal for:

General office filing and archiving.

Surgery and hospital records and notes.

Library and museum archives.

Schools and colleges.

Solicitors practices.

Retail storage requirements.

Available as a single or double skinned option – The Choice is Yours…

Double skinned units provide a clean front line, concealed fixings and ease of adjustment to form a premium product. They are ideally suited to the storage of books, valuable documents or files susceptible to damage from protrusions. They provide clear uninterrupted access to the full width of the shelf and form a practical storage solution for all types of installations where aesthetics and performance of stored media is important.

Single skinned Units provide for cost competitive systems that utilise the latest manufacturing techniques to provide the perfect blend of strength, versatility as well as a pleasing aesthetic.

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